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Full Body Yoga Workout


Want to shape up, relieve stress, and get more energy? try this full body yoga workout, perfect for beginners.Why You'll Love Yoga• Your body weight provides all the resistance you need to strengthen and sculpt from head to toe.• It's the perfect way to cross-train because it stretches tight muscles, increases range of motion, enhances balance, and improves alignment.• It's good for your body and mind: a yoga workout boosts energy and calms you as it teaches awareness, focus, and patience.
How it Works
The ideal yoga workout incorporates six types of poses. "Together, they improve alignment, strength, flexibility, and relaxation." Standing poses build strength and stamina. Balancing poses improve balance, of course, but also promote focus. Forward bends stretch back and hamstring muscles; back bends improve breathing. Twists aid in digestion and tone abs. And inversions increase circulation, leaving you calm yet energized.
This full body yoga sequence was designed with one pose from each group, plus modifications to make it easier for beginners. Do each exercise once in the order given, for an amazing total body workout.